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Atopia provides a wide range product portfolio from ic component to system products including LED Lighting, Green Power application.

Company Profile

Technology integration opens a doorway to new value that redefines the products. Rich possibilities from various integrations-multifarious as the floor combinations out of a Rubik's cube-break the limit and transcend any single technological dimension.

A-Com International is a total solution provider specializing in the technology integration incorporating green power and lighting technology. At A-Com, we leverage advanced technologies to achieve innovation. We are allowed to continually create stunning products by incorporating multiple applications onto one compact device.

A-Com International, established in March 2000, is a leading Green Power and RF communication technology supplier. A-Com provides a wide range product portfolio from IC component to system products including LED Lighting, Green Power application. We pride our innovation, quality and speed to market.

A-Com Internationals primary factory is located in Taiwan and China. With over 1,000 employees, this facility maintains two divisions producing all kind of Green Power components and systems which are distributed directly to the major retail accounts of North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

The headquarter of A-Com International is located in Taiwan. We display most of our key products at major worldwide business exhibition to present our product lines to any potential customers.

Atopia Spirit

The origin of Utopia = eutopia Sir Thomas More, Utopia, 1516 English writer, lawyer and chancellor (478-1535)

Atopia is an ideal digital living and entertainment Utopia formed with the combination of advanced display and new innovation of green energy to extend the convenient, simple and flexible life. Atopia believes through its advance ecology network would create the amenity in living environment and enjoyable life style.

Powered by A-Com international Co. Ltd. with headquarter located in Hsinchu Taiwan. Atopia was proudly created in June 2005 with full series of TV broadcasting, security and network communication for developing compact and stylish consumer electronic products.

In the new era of 2010, Atopia launch a new product line with the concept of environmental friendly, energy saving, and durability life cycle to fulfill the human's nature. Atopia offer a variety of wide products range in LED Light series from home to commercial applying the goal of easy operation, the minimization of cost and energy consumption.

In response to the highly awareness of environment protection and the energy saving, the ultimate concept of Atopia are "saving is earning", and "cost effective". Atopia makes an effort to maximize the productivity and simplify the daily trivia to "EARN" the future Utopia.

That would easily happen between us through Atopia.