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  Sauna Lite are become alive with dimming, speed control, Chase, Fade, Flash and fix color functions, simply by using remote controller.
These Sauna Lite Kits are create with Sauna Lite cable RSR1000BJ, RSR1500BJ, a cable designed specially for ceiling, wall, floor or water place application.  
  These cable contain a single fiber in each special black jacket to operate in high humidity and high temperature condition.
The Sauna Lite Kits is intrinsically safe and making the maintenance cost less. 

 Fiber LED 400SS-01/IR


  LED 3W (R.G.B.)

  Adaptor I/P: 100Vac ~ 240Vac, 50/60Hz

  MP21-IR, 18 keys IR remote controller

  Illuminator port 16

Star Lite:


  Pre-ported end spot cable 0.75mm fiber in black jacket

  Outer diameter 1.5mm x 40 tails@3m