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About FiberLite

Optical Fibers carry light over great distance without electricity and almost no heat or distortion. A new methods of introducing light into the optical fibers that creates an entirely new lighting architecture. The Fiberlite System consisting of Side-Sparkles Cables, End-Spots Cables and Fiber-Lite Illuminators. 

 Typical applications: 

* Amusement park

* Residential

* Landscaping

*Garden lighting

* Step lighting

* Directional lighting

* Swimming pools

* Water fountains

* Water falls

* Bridges

* Restaurants and bars



- Cable with light only no electricity cabling, no electrical shocks. 

- Cable transmit light only no heating or UV radiation, no harm of the artwork and sensitive material. 

- Nothing to burn out or break in the line of fiber optic cables. 

- Flexible cable, ease of designs and installations. 

- Virtually no maintenance in the fixtures, no lamp or replace. 

- Energy saving that one light source for several light points. 

- Dynamic colors changing effects.

- Miniature fixtures allows great design freedom.

- The unalterable PMMA-Compounds.

- Outstanding energy-saving performance.

- Low maintenance cost.

- Artist design in fixture.